The target of swiss|whitelist is to maintain a comprehensive IP-database of all secure Swiss SMTP servers. This allows mailserver managers to add these secure SMTP relays without reservation into the whitelist of the locally used antispam software to create maximum reliability of Swiss national mail traffic. Especially modern antispam technologies like greylisting, tarpitting and badly maintained RBLs often test older or too restrictive set up mailservers to the limit and make them fail in the decisive moment, resulting in blocked mails (false positives) and unhappy customers.

By statistics, there is very little spam sent from Swiss servers. This, as most of the official mailservers of the large ISPs and companies are well protected and monitored. Because of this, whitelisting of these servers is a reasonable thing to do (of course, all these BOT infected enduser PCs in the ADSL- and cable networks are not listed here). Of course, all servers listed here have to pass regular open relay tests.

All Swiss ISPs and companies can register. The service is completely free and offers daily updated database exports in various formats.

produced by nextron internet team GmbH